Missionary Support

Join us in pray­ing for these mis­sion­ar­ies as they share
and min­is­ter the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

South Amer­i­ca

Portrait image of Mike & Kelli Anderson
Mike & Kelli Anderson
South America
Mike and Kelli have been serving in Brazil since 2006 when God called them to share His love with the Curto people in Central Brazil. The Curto people are an animistic group that live in great fear of the spirits. When the Andersons first arrived, there wasn’t a single Curto Christian and no interest in the Gospel.

The Ander­sons spent their first few years ana­lyz­ing the Cur­to lan­guage, devel­op­ing lit­er­a­cy mate­ri­als, prepar­ing oral Bible sto­ries, and trans­lat­ing the first Scrip­ture por­tions to pro­mote inter­est in the Gospel. Some seeds of inter­est began to grow. In 2013, there was a break­through when, through mirac­u­lous cir­cum­stances, the first Cur­to fam­i­ly began to study at the Ammi Train­ing Cen­ter. Ammi is a school where indige­nous peo­ple from all over Brazil come to learn about God. Although the Cur­to fam­i­ly came to Ammi pri­mar­i­ly seek­ing phys­i­cal safe­ty, they soon found safe­ty for their souls as one-by-one the entire fam­i­ly came to know Christ. The daugh­ter was the first Cur­to believ­er and she devel­oped a strong pas­sion to see her peo­ple wor­ship the one true God. The Cur­to church is grow­ing despite per­se­cu­tion and more new believ­ers are study­ing God’s Word at Ammi. 

In 2015, Mike and Kel­li moved to the Ammi Train­ing Cen­ter and cur­rent­ly serve by teach­ing, dis­ci­pling and work­ing along­side these new Cur­to believ­ers, as well as stu­dents from oth­er lan­guage groups. They also help lead mis­sion teams both going out from Ammi to local vil­lages and receiv­ing teams from the States to serve at Ammi. God is grow­ing his church among the Cur­to and oth­er indige­nous peo­ple of Brazil. It is an excit­ing time as God is turn­ing hearts from fear of the spir­its to faith in Christ. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Cur­to church
     â€” strength for believ­ers as they endure persecution
     â€” courage as they bold­ly share their faith 
  • Pray for Mike and Kelli
     â€” strength and safe­ty for each day
     â€” wis­dom as they share the gospel to many peo­ples of many cultures
     â€” school­ing for their chil­dren as there are lim­it­ed options beyond homeschooling


Portrait image of Jesse & Krista Ashmen
Jesse & Krista Ashmen
The Ashmens live and serve on the largest island in the Baltic Sea: Gotland. For over a decade, they have been engaged in Bible teaching, pastoral ministry, and discipleship.

“Swe­den is so post-Chris­t­ian that it is pre-Chris­t­ian.” Upward of 90 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion does not know Jesus as Sav­ior, and many of the church­es are either dying or doc­tri­nal­ly lost. More recent­ly they have cre­at­ed con­nec­tions and built rela­tion­ships with many refugees that have come to the coun­try in the past years. The Ash­mens serve as the Scan­di­na­vian field lead­ers with Euro­pean Chris­t­ian Mis­sion (ECM), and they part­ner with sev­er­al local church­es and Bible schools. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise the Lord for the spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing this cri­sis has caused among many believers. 
  • Pray for the Swedish state church — that they would remain bib­li­cal­ly faith­ful as they are thrust into this lead­er­ship role. 
  • Pray for those per­se­cut­ed here. Many Mid­dle East­ern broth­ers and sis­ters con­tin­ue to receive threats on their lives and well-being. 
  • Pray for the Ash­mens; pray for strength, wis­dom, and clar­i­ty as they nav­i­gate the uncer­tain­ty of such a ministry. 
  • Pray for their kids — Eleri, Ada­lyn, and Evan­ge­line as they are being raised in the most sec­u­lar con­text in the world.

Ghana, Africa

Portrait image of Eric & Katie Dodson
Eric & Katie Dodson
Ghana, Africa
Eric and Katie Dodson are serving in partnership with both Globeserve Ministries International in Ghana and Bethany International out of Bloomington, MN.

They pro­vide sup­port in var­i­ous ways includ­ing church plant­i­ng, mis­sion­ary train­ing, dis­ci­ple­ship, encour­age­ment, med­ical, cloth­ing and fresh water out­reach­es and spread­ing of the Gospel to the unreached peo­ple groups in Ghana and West Africa. Eric and Katie are based in Tamale Ghana but often work in remote, hard to reach areas.

Eric and Katie also are lead­ing the Bethany Glob­al Uni­ver­si­ty mis­sion­ary intern­ship pro­gram. Ghana is one of nine inter­na­tion­al sites offered by BGU. The interns are train­ing and study­ing to become full-time mis­sion­ar­ies to wher­ev­er God calls them. 

Prayer requests:

  • For Jesus, the Mes­si­ah, to reveal Him­self to the Mus­lims in West Africa and that the Lord would lead us to those look­ing for Him. 
  • For wis­dom to walk out the Lord’s call­ing and assign­ment for us in Ghana and West Africa and the strength to endure. 
  • For Christ’s love to sat­u­rate us and over­flow to all those we work with, serve and min­is­ter to. (Eph. 5:1 – 2
  • For the pow­er of God to walk in the Spir­it and not the flesh. (Gal 5
  • For under­stand­ing and wis­dom to war in the spir­it and not just work things out in our own under­stand­ing. (Eph. 6:10 – 20
  • That God would be hon­ored, glo­ri­fied and lift­ed up in all that we say and do.

Warm Springs, OR

Portrait image of Brent & Lindsay Wright
Brent & Lindsay Wright
Warm Springs, OR
The Wrights ministry on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation (which has been the home of the Wasco, Piute, and Warm Springs tribes since 1855) began in 2015 when they began a Bible study.

In June of 2016, they held their first Sun­day ser­vice and Wednes­day night Bible study. Brent’s goal is to main­tain the exam­ple of Athey Creek by teach­ing verse-by-verse through the Bible and to fol­low the Acts 2:42 mod­el of wor­ship, prayer and fel­low­ship. Each Wednes­day night, they pro­vide din­ner for the church (and for who­ev­er wan­ders by) before they open the Word to study and dis­cuss the Scriptures. 

Because of abus­es suf­fered and free­doms tak­en from the trib­al mem­bers by past mis­sion­ar­ies in the name of Chris­t­ian ser­vice, a deep mis­trust of Chris­tians has devel­oped. The Wrights have had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to hear some of their accu­sa­tions and mis­giv­ings, learn from them, and share the real love of Christ. 

A word from the Wrights: ​“The reser­va­tion is an area high in crime and drug and alco­hol abus­es, so we have found the most fer­tile ground to be in the jail. Week­ly Bible stud­ies with the men and women sep­a­rate­ly have giv­en us abun­dant oppor­tu­ni­ties to share God’s love, truth, and mes­sage of free­dom with a fruit­ful har­vest! In the few short years we’ve been here, we have seen the Lord’s faith­ful­ness to open doors and hearts that were closed to the Gospel and pro­vide a hunger for His Word. We feel so priv­i­leged that God allows us to share His love and truth with these won­der­ful peo­ple. Our hope and prayer is that hearts will con­tin­ue to open to Jesus through His Word, so those who are lost and bro­ken will find peace and grace in Christ. We are so thank­ful for and depend on your prayers!”

Oth­er Missionaries

These mis­sion­ar­ies must remain anony­mous because of the coun­tries and cir­cum­stances in which they are serv­ing. Please keep in prayer:


Athey Creek part­ners with a fam­i­ly serv­ing in Tibet.

Mid­dle East

My stir­ring to serve in the Mid­dle East began upon read­ing the Bib­li­cal account of Ish­mael cry­ing out to God in the desert. God heard Ishmael’s cry and pro­vid­ed a well of water to drink. Today, the descen­dants of Ish­mael remain thirst­ing, thirsty for Liv­ing Water. 

Our min­istry aims to devel­op rela­tion­ships with Mus­lims and Nom­i­nal Chris­tians. We intro­duce oth­ers to wor­ship the True and Liv­ing God, to plant seeds of the King­dom of Heav­en, to pray togeth­er to the God who hears, to share the Word of God, to share the gospel mes­sage of Jesus the Christ, to make dis­ci­ples, and to bap­tize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Give thanks to the Lord for His gra­cious appear­ances, mirac­u­lous heal­ings, for His mer­ci­ful kind­ness and His truth that con­tin­ues to endure in this dry and desert land.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for hearts to be soft­ened, and for the Lord to soft­en hearts.
  • Pray for wis­dom in shar­ing the good news, and patience unto the Lord and His timing.
  • Pray for new­ly plant­ed seeds to remain growing.
  • Pray for whole tribes to be saved as God is enter­ing each tribe in pow­er­ful ways!
  • Pray for uni­ty in the church through Jesus the Christ.
  • Pray for a hum­ble­ness of heart in a bold and wild land.
  • Pray for new believ­ers to be baptized.