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for our Week颅ly Services!

We offer both in-per颅son and online gatherings.


Sat颅ur颅day鈥夆斺4pm, 6pm 
Sun颅day鈥夆斺8am, 10am, and 12pm 
Sun颅day Night Wor颅ship鈥夆斺2nd & 4th Sun颅day each month at 6 PM 
Wednes颅day Night Bible Study鈥夆斺7pm 

Our team is tak颅ing extra time to thor颅ough颅ly clean and dis颅in颅fect spaces before, dur颅ing and after every ser颅vice. You鈥檒l find hand san颅i颅tiz颅er sta颅tions at var颅i颅ous loca颅tions around the campus. 


We are excit颅ed to offer Russ颅ian, Ukrain颅ian, Roman颅ian and Span颅ish trans颅la颅tion dur颅ing 12 PM ser颅vice. This trans颅la颅tion ser颅vice is avail颅able for both our in-per颅son and online ser颅vices. To get start颅ed you will need a smart phone and a set of head颅phones. You will down颅load the Inter颅ac颅tio app from the App Store or Google Play. Once down颅loaded, open the app and enter the code 2700. Select your lan颅guage, then press play! You will now be able to lis颅ten to the teach颅ing in real time. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions. 

We offer ASL inter颅pre颅ta颅tion at our 6 PM ser颅vice, in-per颅son only. If you would would like to uti颅lize this ser颅vice, we have spe颅cial seat颅ing reserved. Feel free to con颅nect with our office or see the info table for more information.

What to Expect

Our ser颅vices are sim颅ple and casu颅al. Acts 2:42 offers a clear descrip颅tion of what the ear颅ly church was like. It is our desire to fol颅low this mod颅el as close颅ly as pos颅si颅ble. On Wednes颅day nights, we meet at 7pm to study through the Bible, book-by-book, and the week颅end teach颅ings usu颅al颅ly high颅light a par颅tic颅u颅lar verse or sec颅tion from the upcom颅ing Wednes颅day night study. 

If you plan to attend one of our ser颅vices, you can expect the fol颅low颅ing:鈥夆斺塁asu颅al attire and atmos颅phere; noth颅ing fan颅cy鈥夆斺塀ible study that is applic颅a颅ble to dai颅ly liv颅ing鈥夆斺塃arnest wor颅ship that is uplift颅ing and bib颅li颅颅cal颅颅ly-based鈥夆斺堿 Children鈥檚 Min颅istry that pro颅vides a safe envi颅ron颅ment where kids can learn about Jesus鈥夆斺塒ark颅ing that is locat颅ed in sev颅er颅al park颅ing lots that sur颅round our build颅ing; atten颅dants will steer you to a spot. Chil颅dren from age 0 to 5th grade are encour颅aged to go to their class颅es pri颅or to the service.



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Live Stream

Join us online at any of our services times listed above.

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Athey at Home

Resources for you and your family to connect with our church family from your home.