Bearing the Weight

26 August 2018



Matthew 7:21-23


Jesus makes a troublesome statement in Matthew 7:21-23 about people who think they are going to Heaven, but they are actually missing the mark. However, as guest Pastor Nate Decoste explains, we have nothing to worry about as long as we know where to place our faith – in Jesus Christ who is our solid foundation.

Portrait image of Bearing the Weight

Nate DeCoste

Youth & Kids Ministry Director
Nate oversees the many elements of Athey Kids and our youth ministries. His goal is to create an environment in these ministries where the Good News is taught in an age-appropriate manner, so that children of all ages encounter Jesus, and grow in their knowledge of Him. Nate and his wife, Heidi, have four kids: Collette (Coco), Colbie, Drew, and Barrett (Bear).


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