Envy & Jealousy

02 October 2016



1 Samuel 19:1


Fearing that David is more beloved and successful, Saul’s envy and jealously drive him to seek ways to kill David in 1 Samuel 19:1. However, these feelings will only destroy him and will likewise harm us if we allow them to take root in our lives.

Portrait image of Envy & Jealousy

Brett Meador

Senior Pastor
Brett is our senior pastor. He and his family moved to Portland in 1996 to start Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. As our church has grown, Brett’s main focus has remained the same: pointing people to Jesus by teaching through God’s Word, verse-by-verse, book-by-book and chapter-by-chapter. Brett and his wife, Debbie, have three children: Brooke, Joey and Casey.


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