Under God?

30 September 2018



Psalm 33:12


Psalm 32:12 tells us what a godly nation looks like and in this we unfortunately see the sad decline of America, a nation once built upon following God, descend into sin, fallacies and squabbling. However, we also find hope in the fact that our true citizenship is in Heaven and God is faithful to His people regardless of the current political or social climate.

Portrait image of Under God?

Brett Meador

Senior Pastor
Brett is our senior pastor. He and his family moved to Portland in 1996 to start Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. As our church has grown, Brett’s main focus has remained the same: pointing people to Jesus by teaching through God’s Word, verse-by-verse, book-by-book and chapter-by-chapter. Brett and his wife, Debbie, have three children: Brooke, Joey and Casey.


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