The Cross

5 Teachings

It all starts at the Cross! Jesus willingly gave up His life for our salvation and eternal life. Once we realize the cost Jesus paid, the brutal horrors He endured for us and the forgiveness we may now receive, we can find salvation and a new life in Christ. The work of the Cross is the foundation for all that we believe.

# Title Book Date Media
s1-414 Beholding the Cross Matthew 27:36 Nov. 2, 2008
m1-446 Through the Bible (Mark 15:1-20) Mark 15:1-20 Apr. 1, 2009
s1-444 Daily Luke 9:23-24 Jul. 5, 2009
s1-479 Words From the Cross John 19:25-30 Mar. 14, 2010
s1-496 Peace Through Forgiveness Acts 13:35-39 Jul. 18, 2010