Under His Wings

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It has been said that the Bible is God’s love letter to us. In a most delightful way, the Book of Ruth captures that love as evidenced by His loving providence, His perfect leading, His abundant provision and His enduring faithfulness. Located between the Books of Judges and 1st Samuel, this little vignette, comprised of only four chapters, is like a cup of cold water to thirsty and weary travelers.

# Title Book Date Download
w-237 Under His Wings | Wait and Trust Ruth 1:1-2 Oct 8, 2019 Download
w-238 Under His Wings | Naomi’s Pain and Plight Ruth 1:3-5 Oct 15, 2019 Download
w-239 Under His Wings | Love Determines Our Choice Ruth 1:6-13 Oct 22, 2019 Download
w-240 Under His Wings | No Turning Back Ruth 1:14-22 Oct 29, 2019 Download
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